Summary of Vestry Meeting 11/19/2012

Posted December 29, 2012

At its meeting on November 19, 2012, the Vestry considered the topics below. A copy of the minutes of this meeting will be published after they are approved at the January 2013 meeting. The packet of information distributed for this vestry meeting is available here:

Approved a donation to the Break Bread Together Program.

Announced that Carolyn Eager will continue to serve as treasurer for 2013 and Bonnie Hanson will be the assistant treasurer.

Reported on the repair of the exterior lights and the fountain.

Elected Dr. Phyllis Holland as chair of the Search Committee and Jeani Synyard as the Vestry liaison.

Asked for a list of names to be submitted to be considered for a balanced Search Committee.

Announced the results of the 2013 Vestry election. The five new members are: Frances Guice, Karen Gunter, Will Hanson, Nancy Lutsko, and Larry Wisenbaker.

Received reports on the Christ Church Preschool and Canterbury Club.

During the four Sundays of Advent, the 11:30 service was held in the chapel side of the church. The St. Francis choir played from the rear of the chapel. This service will return to the main sanctuary seating area after Christmas.

Received reports on the upcoming Sister to Sister Summit, a visit by Deaconal Candidate Leann Culbreath, and an Icon writing class at Kanuga.

Approved a donation to the Sister to Sister program.

Received report on the upcoming Sunday School schedule for wreath making, and the children’s Christmas party.

Received report on the encroachment agreement on the alley.

Asked for prayers for the Search Committee.

Thanked the Hospitality Committee.

Announced the HEP Christmas Party at the Sandbachs’ on Dec. 23rd.