From Our Senior Warden

From Our Senior Warden
Steve Roberts
Senior Warden, 2012
Posted January 2, 2013


We now enter a new year, a new beginning, a year which will bring many exciting opportunities as we continue our transition. The search committee will be confirmed at January’s vestry meeting (see “Search Committee Information” article here), and its serious work will immediately begin in earnest. I firmly believe active participation from the entire parish is critical as the process unfolds. There is no deadline to having our next rector in place. Let the prayers begin, and let them continue.

A deadline that is more pressing is setting a budget for 2013. The finance committee, led by treasurer Carolyn Eager, met in late December but didn’t finalize a budget because not enough pledge cards had been received. The good news is the average pledge has increased to almost $3100 a year. The bad news is, at that time, we had not heard from more than 30 pledging units. To hire a new rector and pay the suggested diocesan salary minimum, our pledge income, which was almost $319,000 (based on 107 pledging units) in 2012, needs to be a minimum of $350,000. In late December, we were $130,000 short of that mark. If you’re still on the sideline, please consider coming onto the playing field with your time, talent and treasure. Peace.