Book Review: God Speaks in Many Tongues

God Speaks in Many Tongues: Meditate with Joan Chittister
Benetvision: 2013.

Review by The Rev. Deacon Patricia Marks
Posted January 25, 2013




This year, I again offer a book review in the form of a Lenten resolution—to read Joan Chittister’s God Speaks in Many Tongues and to respond to its invitation to do more meditation than reading. It promises to be a way of entering what Sister Joan, a Benedictine nun, calls the “monastery of the heart,” a guide to living “a holy life, a good and happy life in the midst of our everyday activities.” Available as a book and/or set of email meditations, God Speaks in Many Tongues offers selections from the world’s wisdom traditions, along with daily meditations for the season of Lent. The first one, for Ash Wednesday, begins with a quotation from Hildegard of Bingen, the Benedictine Abbess whose musical, literary, and scientific writings have been universally praised. It is a meditation that ends, “You are encircled by the arms / Of the mystery of God.” In the coming season of revision, reconsideration, and repentance, that promise is a comfort indeed.