From Our Assistant Rector

A Prescription for Godly Living
By the Rev. Tar Drazdowski
Posted January 25, 2013

A few years ago I had the opportunity to attend the Young Adult Summit in the Diocese of Atlanta. Their bishop at the time, Neil Alexander, was the keynote speaker, and he challenged the participants to read Romans 12 every day for the next six weeks. He spoke about how this passage from Paul’s letter to the Romans had a large impact on his daily life. He told the participants this chapter had transformed his life. I decided to take the challenge. What I found in Romans 12 was a prescription for Godly living. The chapter begins with the reminder that as we present our souls and bodies to God, we are making a holy, living, and acceptable sacrifice to God. In this chapter of Romans, Paul gives us guidelines on how we are to live as a community, on how to love each other and treat our enemies, and how to live into our faith. Paul encourages us to not be overcome by this world but to be transformed by renewing our minds in Christ. A sacrificial life is our spiritual worship. This entire chapter in Romans is a guide on how we are to live our lives. If you have not found a spiritual practice for the New Year, it’s not too late, I suggest you take the challenge issued by Bishop Alexander. I am taking up this practice again and would love to hear what the Word of God is saying to you or how it is helping to transform your life.