From Our Interim Rector

Your Faith Your Life: an Invitation to the Episcopal Church
By the Rev. Joye Cantrell
Posted January 25, 2013

It seems to happen every year. I have just finished getting the Christmas decorations put away and all of a sudden I am looking at Lent. Yes, Lent and here we are again. Ash Wednesday is February 13, 2013. The evening before, the EYC will sponsor the always popular Shrove Tuesday pancake supper. We eat and celebrate before we begin the season of Lent. There will be numerous things taking place during Lent.

On Wednesday nights, following supper at about 7:15, I will be teaching a class based on the book Your Faith Your Life: an Invitation to the Episcopal Church. This will be a starting point for our group study of our Christian history, our Bible stories, our sacraments and how we respond to God’s love for us. These and other topics may be old news to some but new information to others. Whichever category you find yourself in, you will be challenged to grow as we study together.

During this transition time at Christ Church as the parish seeks to set a vision for the future, each member has something to offer. As you take communion, as you pray and as you enjoy fellowship with your fellow members, you are encouraged to think not just about your parish’s future but what God is calling you to do in this place at this time. I say it often, but just because you have always done something, does not mean that you must always do it. Maybe God is calling you to do a new thing. Now is the time to pray about it.