Diocesan Convention in Tifton

Diocesan Convention in Tifton
Posted February 26, 2013

Bishop Benhase addressing the convention delegates

An album of photographs from this event is available here.

A Challenge to Re-Imagine Our Church
reprint of “From the Field” Feb. 12, 2013

“What must we look like to those outside the Church for them to recognize us as truly ‘a dwelling-place for God?'” Bishop Benhase challenged the 192nd Convention to take a hard look at our church practices so that we move beyond simply trying to do what we have always done, to something better.

Bishop Benhase was clear in his sermon about what must remain the same, saying, “Of course, any dwelling has to have a basic structure or it cannot stand. So, what must we have to be a dwelling-place for God? Our classic Anglican “must have” is this: the Scriptures, Creeds, Sacraments, and Holy Orders, the so-called four pillars of the faith. Everything else, I believe, needs to be adiaphora – not essential.”

This look at how we might be transformed to live into the mission of God was woven throughout the convention. From the Rev. Bill Stewart’s sermon at Evening Prayer on Thursday, through the opening presentation by Canon Logue, to the Bishop’s address, and then the sermon for the Convention Eucharist, clergy and delegates were challenged to re-imagine “the entire model of ministry where the clergy perform the faith on Sundays to audience members.”

The full text of the Bishop’s address and sermon are archived online at the diocesan convention website: http://convention.georgiaepiscopal.org/?page_id=586. The resolutions page contains those items of business that were voted in by the delegates: <http://convention.georgiaepiscopal.org/?page_id=464>.

The next convention will be held in November 2014, on Jekyll Island.

Frances Guice, Phyllis Hiers, and the Rev. Joye Cantrell pick up their registration materials for the convention.

Nancy Lutsko with others at her table, discussing Convention business.

Andrew Greneker, a delegate from the Youth Commission, listens to table discussion. Andrew later addressed the Convention on the topic of youth programs.