Notes from the 2013 Diocesan Convention: Nancy Lutsko

Notes from the 2013 Diocesan Convention
Posted February 26, 2013
by Nancy Lutsko

An album of photographs from this event is available here.

Nancy Lutsko

Since this was my first Diocesan Convention and of course my first time to be a delegate, I had no idea what to expect. I was very pleasantly surprised. It was a wonderful experience. The weather may have been rainy outside, but it sure didn’t dampen what went on inside.

I attended the vestry workshop, and I recommend the information to everyone who sits on a vestry. The next day was our “long day” with various reports on activities, revisals and nominations to consider. The time went by before I knew it. I sat at a table with people I didn’t know, but at the end of the day, they were new friends. We had an opportunity to talk among ourselves on challenges and achievements in our churches, and that was very interesting. They all knew Tar+ and the role our church plays in the Dominican Republic mission. The service that night at St. Anne’s was something I’ll never forget.

The next day the young adults spoke about how youth programs have affected their lives. It was an eye opener to hear what an impact the programs have made. We can certainly be proud of our young adults. They are so positive and have so much energy for God. I learned so much during the 3-day sessions, but the one thing that really impressed me was what Bishop Benhase said. It has always been that the different churches and vestries supported the Diocese. He wants to turn that upside down and feels the Diocese is there to support the churches and their clergy and vestries. I think we are entering into a new and exciting era.