A Meditation: Transfiguration

Transfiguration: A Meditation
By the Rev. Deacon Patricia Marks
Posted February 27, 2013

In my study window, I have a transparent memento, a cross made of glass. When the morning sun shines through it, colors dance across my desk, making a festival out of an ordinary day. The cross transfigures everything in shines on. It casts jewels on my computer keyboard; it turns the stacks of books and all the flotsam and jetsam of an undisciplined desk into a rainbow of order, a promise of letters answered, lists checked off, and projects completed.

The cross you see through
is what it is
no more, no less
without guile.

Its purpose is to be.
And in that honesty,
that self-full-ness,
it gathers up light,
focuses it,
and shines with a piercing fire.

It is a transparent place
like the hill on Iona
where Colum Cille,
where St. Columba, the Dove of the Church
and drew heaven to earth.
It illumines the dust
and casts its glowing colors
into the sky,
into our lives,
into our hearts.

So suppose, just suppose,
in this Holy Lent
in this season of fasting from our faults
of thought, word, and deed—
suppose, just suppose,
we became true to the mind of Christ.
Suppose we gave up asking
Who are we
to face the Pontius Pilates of this world?
And why should we?
Who are we
to feed the hungry,
take in the stranger,
clothe the poor?

Suppose we carried our cross and walked the Way,
becoming the selves we were meant to be—
transfigured by transparency
our infirmities healed,
our life redeemed
by God’s grace
ablaze in our hearts
burning away
our cares our griefs
and all things done and left undone.

We might become the cross
our purpose
to carry God’s presence
and simply be,
be what we are—
no more, no less
without guile.