From Our Assistant Rector

A Learning Experience
By the Rev. Tar Drazdowski
Posted February 27, 2013

A Learning Experience

In January, I was given the opportunity to take a class offered by the bishop in conflict management. It was one of the best learning experiences I have had since becoming a priest. It was not offered because there is a considerable amount of conflict in the churches in the Diocese of Georgia, but it was offered because conflict is such a large part of our everyday lives. It is better to know how we respond to conflict in advance rather than finding out how we will react in the middle of a crisis situation, and then failing miserably while trying to find a resolution.

What I learned in this course that was of great value is that it matters greatly how we approach the people with whom we are in conflict. If we approach a conflict situation with respect for all parties concerned and with listening hearts, then the outcomes have a tendency to be more amiable for all.

In trying to reach resolutions, if we are all working for the building of the Body of Christ and not striving to have our individual needs answered or met, then we resolve the situation in a manner that glorifies God.