From Our Senior Warden

From Our Senior Warden
Sandy Sandbach
Senior Warden, 2013
Posted February 27, 2013

In the last month, we assembled a search committee chaired by Dr. Phyllis Holland. They met and began the process of discernment to determine the identity of Christ Church and its future rector. Public forums were held. They were well attended and provided good information for the committee. Your Vestry will meet in retreat in early March to plan the next year for Christ Church. A work day is planned. Please plan to come and help us spruce up the Church and grounds. Commencing February 24, a Vestry member will be present following each service to hear your concerns, questions or suggestions.

As we transition through this Holy Lent, I would ask your prayers for the Church, the Search Committee and the Vestry. Pray for guidance from God to direct us both individually and as a Church. Pray for direction to determine how we may better convey Christ’s love to each other and to our community. Pray that each of your spiritual gifts may serve to further Christ’s kingdom in Valdosta, Georgia.

God’s peace, Sandy Sandbach

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