Special Days in March 2013

Posted February 27, 2013

If your special day is not included in our calendar, please contact the church office at 242-5115 or office@christchurchvaldosta.org to let us know.

March 2 Charles Adams, Joan Bailey
March 4 Helen McClure
March 5 Marilyn Kemper, Harrison Tillman, Jr.
March 6 Mitchell Beeland
March 9 Hanae Kanno, Phoebe Singleton
March 10 Malcolm Weston
March 11 Kelly Lambert
March 12 Jane Teasley
March 14 Merrill Guice, Dennis Savoi
March 15 Julia Ariail, Kitty Bauer, Jeani Synyard
March 16 Gloria Boyette, Kathy Failor, Julie Jackson
March 17 Sara Canup, Carter Coleman
March 18 Walton Carter, Olivia Nunn, Pat Tudor
March 19 Duke Guthrie, Richard Saeger
March 20 Anne Reid
March 21 Regan Adams, Steven Taylor
March 23 Sarah Bartholomew
March 25 Blake Yarbrough
March 27 Ken Rumstay
March 29 Jacob Diamond, Bill Roberts
March 30 Bill Tucker
March 31 Janet Dickman, Edith Shepherd, Amber Tanner

March 5 Marilyn Kemper
March 14 Mackenzie Clark, Larry Wisenbaker
March 20 Margaret Weston
March 21 Helen McClure
March 23 Willa Valencia
March 25 Stephanie Tillman
March 26 Aldine Carter
March 26 Cindy Waters
March 27 Dylan Phillips, Ethan Warrick
March 28 Mike Holland
March 30 Dave Armstrong, Robbie Beeland
March 31 Emma Claire Campbell, Natalie Gjertsen

March 1 Terry & Kathleen Parsons
March 8 Duane & Jennifer Carter
March 17 John Helen Bennett, Bob & Sue Ann Johnston
March 18 Searcy &Helen McClure
March 23 Allan &Joan Dear, Stephen & Georgianna Manning, Mike & Julie Savoie