Grace Notes

Grace Notes
By the Rev. Tar Drazdowski
Posted March 20, 2013

The Rev. Tar Drazdowski.

As our Lenten season draws to a close, I hope that we all have had the opportunity to take a deeper look into our hearts. Hopefully through self examination, we were able to recognize some of the things we do that we should not do and to do some of the things we have left undone. The grace of Jesus Christ is that God does not love us according to our merits; He loves us because He calls us his children. I hope and pray that the disciplines we developed during lent will carry us through Eastertide and into Ordinary time. Our new habits will sustain as we continue to form our minds after the mind of Christ and our joys will be found in the risen Lord.

As we continue in the penitential season of Lent, I am reminded that it is only through a broken and contrite heart that we make a living sacrifice to God. Through our brokenness, we approach God with emptiness that allows God to move into the depths of our being. As our Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer, God awaits our turning back toward the grace which will restore us into relationship with Him. Our penitential Lenten practices should help us to remember that Jesus is the perfect sacrifice for our sin and for the sin of the whole world.

Thanks be to God.