Ministries Fair

Ministries Fair
By Frances Guice
Posted April 22, 2013

Frances Guice, Sandy Sandbach, and Lucy Tomberlin at the Vestry table during the the recent Ministries Fair.

On April 14th, 2013, Christ Church parishioners enjoyed a Ministries Fair and Celebration between the 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. services. In a matter of minutes, the large cake that read “Serve the LORD With Gladness” had only one word remaining: “Gladness”. As quickly as the cake disappeared, parishioners began filling up the sign-up sheets at table displays for thirty ministries available at Christ Church.

The refreshment table during the recent Ministries Fair.

Helen Tucker and the Stitchers of Love display at the recent Ministries Fair.

The hospitality committee and its many outreach groups were garbed in aprons and serving goodies from their table. They reported renewed interest in Foyer Groups, and enough HEP (Happy Episcopal People) hosts signed on to create six parties! Not to be left out, The Men in Blue manned their display with yummy sausage.

Frances Crawford, Elise Sandbach, Sallie Honeycutt, and the Rev. Joye Cantrell at the Hospitality table during the recent Ministries Fair.

Anne Shenton at the Café Grace display during the recent Ministries Fair.

The Dominican Republic ministry and the St. Francis Ministry to Animals saw new interest while the perennial favorites of Lay Reading, Chalice Administration, and Acolyte training for youth did well.

The sign-up sheets remain posted in the parish hall for a few more weeks. If you were unable to attend the ministries fair, please take a look at the many opportunities to reach out to others in Christ’s love.

Nikki Yarbrough and Judy Demott at the sign-up sheets on a parish hall bulletin board after the recent Ministries Fair.