From Our Senior Warden

From Our Senior Warden
Sandy Sandbach
Senior Warden, 2013
Posted April 30, 2013

Sandy Sandbach

Greetings, Christ Church:

Last month the Parish held a successful Ministries’ Fair. If you have a new idea for Ministry or want to volunteer for an existing one, please let me know. “Ministry” is Christ Church’s middle name.

This month we have “Relay for Life” at the Valdosta Middle School track. Many of our members will be walking to raise money to fight Cancer. Come out and walk, stop by for support, or donate! We have all been touched by Cancer. In our Parish we have members who have died, members who have survived and members who are currently in treatment.

The Vestry has created a Committee for Stewardship (how can we use our time, talent, and treasure to further Christ in the world), a Facilities Committee (being good stewards of our facilities) and a Foyers Committee, (foyers-small groups meeting for dinner to get to know each other better). Our Search Committee is entering the “Parish Profile” phase of the search. To no one’s surprise, your participation in the parish survey was substantially above average. The search committee will use this information when creating the Parish Profile and in selecting our new Rector.

Finally, as summer approaches we will not slow down. While some of us may be on vacation this summer, we will have several opportunities to gather as a family for both fellowship and for ministry. Stay tuned.

God’s peace, Sandy

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