From Our Assistant Rector

Seeing Our Community
By the Rev. Tar Drazdowski
Posted May 16, 2013

The Rev. Tar Drazdowski.

A few weeks ago, Bill Tucker took me on a fabulous flight over the Valdosta-Lowndes County area. Many of us fly in and out of Valdosta and have seen an aerial view of our county but rarely do we have the opportunity to fly low enough to see in detail the homes, business and the beauty of our community. I moved to Valdosta in 1976 and I am astounded at how much our community has changed.

We all have a set of lenses we use to view our community. Our lenses are colored by our families, friends, neighbors, where we work, shop, and where we play. Most of us have a general sense of community as we engage in ministry outside the walls of Christ Church. We can see the good that is done around us in the name of God, and we know where there is need for God’s hands to help in situations where help is needed.

As a community, you have just participated in a collective effort to gather data about the wonderful Christian community you know and love as Christ Episcopal Church. The data is strong due to the large participant base. The data gives you a birds-eye or an aerial view of how you identify yourselves as a Christian community. The data gives you a look at your foundation. The good news is that you have a strong foundation in which you can continue to do God’s work among yourselves and in the world. In many respects you can conceptualize the data as the information to begin a design phase of what you will do next in this process.

Who is God calling you to be in the neighborhood and as a presence at Valdosta State University? How will you address the needs of continuing education to feed your spiritual needs for all ages and stages of life? Do you still consider your preschool as a ministry to the community? What other ways might you use the Gabard Education Building? The possibilities are endless! It is important to remember that you are not starting from scratch; you are building upon the strong foundation which has been the fruit of your labors.

The Holy Spirit will guide you and comfort you in this process. Change is always difficult, and sometimes it looks like chaos but we should always remember that in the beginning God started with chaos! Amen.