Search Committee Update

Update from the Search Committee
Phyllis Holland
Posted May 23, 2013

Phyllis Holland

If you have been watching progress on the search process diagram on the Transition webpage, it must seem that the “green arrow of progress” is hardly moving. In fact a number of things are happening that will eventually come together. The initial parish meetings provided ideas that generated questions for focus groups. The committee has been meeting with these groups throughout the spring. The committee hopes to wrap up those discussions with two “make up sessions” in June for those who wish to participate in a smaller group discussion but haven’t had the opportunity. The parish survey has been completed with a very healthy 90% response rate. The results of this survey require the attention of the Vestry as well as the search committee and we are working together to plan the best way to share them. All of this activity feeds into the preparation of a Parish Profile and to an online posting of our opening. The search committee is busy!!

In each of our meetings, we pray a prayer that Helen Tucker found for us. This is part of that prayer: “And further we pray, O Lord, that in this time of waiting, we may all devote ourselves afresh to thy service, so that nothing be lost of the faithful work of the past, but rather that it may be brought to a rich harvest in the years to come.” May this be your prayer as well in this “time of waiting.”