Summary of Vestry Meeting on May 20, 2013

Summary of Vestry Meeting on May 20, 2013
by Lucy Tomberlin
Posted June 10, 2013

Lucy Tomberlin

At their meeting on May 20, 2013, the Vestry members took these actions:

Discussed the need for the Vestry to meet with the Rev. Canon Frank Logue as soon as possible to review the results of the parish survey.

Were apprised that the permanent loan for the Gabard building costs is now in place.

Approved the purchase of a new sign for the front of the Church.

Agreed to keep a master list of work needed around the church for members who want to come by and fix things.

Were informed of the Communications Committee’s efforts to improve our pamphlets and advertising and provide more helpful information for newcomers.

Approved the renovation of the Tomberlin House so it can be rented to college students and earn income for the Church.

Discussed hospitality opportunities for the summer to hopefully include HEP (Happy Episcopal People) parties and a parish picnic in August.

The packet of information distributed for this vestry meeting is available here: