Parish Meeting on Survey Results

Parish Meeting on Survey Results
By Julia Ariail
Posted June 30, 2013

For more information on our search process for a new rector, check the Transition page here. For a summary of the parish profile survey, go here. The full survey results and interpretive video are available for checkout in the church office. Please note; you must watch the video on your computer in order to fully understand our results. Contact a member of the search committee with any questions.

Please note: this summary of this meeting may be expanded later.

Senior Warden Sandy Sandbach at the parish meeting on June 30th, 2013.

Senior Warden Sandy Sandbach led the congregational meeting to explain the results of the survey taken by parishioners in April and the response of the Bishop and the Christ Church Vestry. He gave a brief overview then took questions from the floor. Several points about the survey included:

• The Bishop required us to participate in the survey.

• 90% of the average Sunday attendance participated – a very high average.

• There was strong agreement on the top three priorities.

Senior Warden Sandy Sandbach at the parish meeting on June 30th, 2013.

• After the Bishop saw the results of the survey, he asked our Vestry to put the search on hold temporarily. His concerns were our stewardship, our church unity, and our level of Christian education. the Senior Warden assured the Bishop that the Vestry had addressed several of these issues already.

• The bad news from the survey was that the median age of the participants of the survey was 60 and that we are resistant to change.

• The good news is that we are a participatory church with good priorities for the future; we rate high in spiritual vitality; we are active Christians outside the church; and we love our church and feel supported by it.

Senior Warden Sandy Sandbach at the parish meeting on June 30th, 2013.

The questions from parishioners included:

• Is the goal to keep the services combined? Answer: After August we will poll the congregation to ask for preferences.

• Is the Bishop’s hold on our search lifted? Answer: Yes, since the Senior Warden convinced him that we have a plan for addressing his concerns.

• What is the time frame for hiring a new rector now? Answer: Late spring is likely because of the need to produce a parish profile, ask for and receive applications, evaluate and receive recommendations from the Bishop’s office, visit the applicant, then make a final recommendation to the Bishop. Of course our choice may turn us down if we don’t offer the best package.

• What is the financial shortfall? Answer: the minimum salary for a priest for a church our size in Georgia is $140,000 including salary, insurance and pension. We also need a paid Christian education director, a full-time secretary, a full-time assistant, adequate salary for our Preschool teachers, etc. We are making an effort to get income from the Tomberlin House and Louttit Hall. We hope to make arrangements for easier ways to pay your pledge with a swipe card or automatic debit. We need everyone in our parish to support us with time, talent and treasure.

• What about a performance based salary? Answer: We certainly need a dynamic person to be our leader. We have produced many priests from our church because of our education efforts, but it takes everyone’s support and buy-in.

Let’s go do it!

Senior Warden Sandy Sandbach at the parish meeting on June 30th, 2013.