From Our Senior Warden

From Our Senior Warden
Sandy Sandbach
Senior Warden, 2013
Posted August 11, 2013

Sandy Sandbach

Dear Christ Church:

As we approach the fall, pray for our Church. Many changes are taking place…both temporary and permanent. Change is often painful. Your Vestry has struggled with these changes.

The parish survey indicated two things very strongly: 1) we need to make changes to attract young families; and 2) we don’t want to change. As we make changes which the Vestry and Priests believe to be best for the parish, try to be patient. We are not perfect. We will make mistakes. But we must move forward. We can’t sit still.

We are called by Jesus to be his hands and feet in this community. We must bring his love to everyone we touch. We can’t just focus on ourselves – we must focus outside ourselves. Together we can and will be the Church that God is calling us to be.

Gods Peace,

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