Summary of Vestry Meeting on July 22, 2013

Summary of Vestry Meeting on July 22, 2013
by Lucy Tomberlin
Posted August 12, 2013

Lucy Tomberlin

At their meeting on July 22, 2013, the Vestry members took these actions:

Learned that the Church has locked in the permanent loan to pay off the construction note on the Gabard Building.

Gave Blake Ellis permission to pursue a proposal for a sculpture for the burial garden by Dr. Ron Zaccari.

Gave the Communications Committee permission to cancel our yellow pages ad at a savings of $1948.

Discussed potential new ministries including the lunch program for impoverished children being spearheaded by Lauren Sandbach.

Discussed the need for more nursery workers.

Received an update on the progress of the renovation of the Tomberlin House.

Started discussing the vision statement required for the parish profile.