Stewardship Campaign – Here We Go!

Stewardship Campaign – Here We Go!
By Elizabeth Wisenbaker
Posted August 22, 2013

It's easy to figure out the message in our Stewardship Campaign logo!

This past February the Stewardship Committee was formed with our emphasis being our 2014 Pledge Campaign. The committee members are Merrill Guice, Mike Holland, Nancy Lutsko, Sally Querin, Sandy Sandbach, the Rev. Joye Cantrell and Elizabeth Wisenbaker, Chairperson. The committee also had direction from the Rev. Canon Frank Logue on the different ways he recommended that we handle our Pledge Campaign.

Our first plan of action was to look back at data from 2012 and 2013 to see what the state of our pledges were for our parish and how we could improve. We worked with Kim Dudley and Amy Creasy in the church office and learned that in 2012 we had 108 pledges and in 2013 we had 104 pledges from a total of 259 households on our church membership list. This showed us that we have an average of 40% of the households in our church pledging to the church. We need to increase the total number of pledges received in order to meet the demanding financial needs of our church.

Over the next 6 weeks, our committee is going to share additional facts about the financial needs of Christ Church that will show the need for everyone to “Step Up” in their giving, whether it is with an increase in their pledge from 2013 or in becoming a new pledging member of Christ Church.

On September 15th the Stewardship Committee is hosting a church-wide dinner at Mathis Auditorium highlighting our campaign “We Love Christ Church”! Save the date!