Stewardship Campaign — And the Search for a New Rector

Stewardship Campaign – And the Search for a New Rector
By Elizabeth Wisenbaker
Posted August 23, 2013

It's easy to figure out the message in our Stewardship Campaign logo!

What does the stewardship campaign have to do with our ongoing search for a new rector? Phyllis Holland, chair of our Search Committee, spoke about that connection at church last Sunday, and the Stewardship Committee thought her remarks were so on-target that we should post them below as a Vineyard article:

The Parish Profile lists characteristics that Christ Church has said it wants in a priest:

• Be spirit-filled;
• Be a good preacher;
• Be a shepherd making pastoral care a priority;
• Be a good administrator;
— Be well-organized
— Good communicator
— Effective planner
• Be an advocate for youth and young adults;
• Be warm and outgoing;
• Possess a strong intelligence and a sense of humor.

Now that you have told us what you want in a new priest, the Search Committee needs to know if you are willing to adequately compensate the person who has these characteristics.

There are some realities that we need to be aware of:

— As a church we have always operated on a shoe-string budget, trying to get by with minimum salaries;

— We will be required by the Bishop to offer competitive compensation based on our size and the experience of the person we call;

— A person of the caliber we seek is very likely to have other options (there are many openings) and will be trying to discern a call;

— God uses salary offers to speak to those He calls.

This year’s budget shortfall for our anticipated needs for priest compensation is approximately $80,000. This number assumes a full-time priest, a three-quarters-time assistant rector, and a half-time youth minister. This is the staffing that is appropriate and necessary for the church we want to be.

The good news is that only 41% of the congregation pledged in 2012-2013. That is good news because it means we have the money. The bad news is that the money is still in your pocket.

Pledging is important. The Vestry needs to be able to plan and the Search Committee needs to confidently seek an outstanding individual. Most of all the spiritual benefits of pledging and giving to individuals are great.

The Search Committee challenges each of you to prayerfully consider your pledge: not the least we can get by with but the most we can do in thankfulness for God’s blessings.