Adult Education Classes Underway

Adult Education Classes Underway
By Julius Ariail
Posted September 24, 2013

The adult education classes start at 9:00 a.m. each Sunday in the front of the Parish Hall.

John Hiers

Our program of adult education classes this fall started on September 8, 2013, with a presentation by Lauren Sandbach about the “Christ Church Lunch Bunch,” a new ministry that is organizing to deliver bag lunches on Saturday mornings to children who depend on free school lunches during the week. It continued on September 15 with Willa Valencia and Irene Dodd speaking on spirituality and discipleship. John Hiers started a three-week series on September 22 with a discussion of Barbara Brown Taylor’s book, Speaking of Sin, copies of which may still be available for purchase for $11 in the church office. This series will conclude on October 6, followed by Deacon Patricia Marks on October 13 and Bishop Benhase on October 20 (the date of his annual visitation to Christ Church).

From Taylor’s introduction to Speaking of Sin:

Speaking of Sin

In this little book, I want to focus on a small cluster of words that seem to be hard for many people to pronounce, especially in twenty-first century North America. “Sin” heads the list, followed by “damnation,” “repentance,” “penance” and “salvation.” The group also includes words that survive only in scripture, such as “iniquity” and “transgression.” When these words are pronounced out loud, many of them sound like language from an earlier age, when human relationship with God was laced with blame and threat. As old as the words are, they are still redolent with guilt. We may not know exactly what they mean, but we know that they judge us. The most obvious solution to the discomfort they provoke is to stop saying them altogether, which is what many of us have done.

Maggie Roberts

Maggie Roberts is coordinating these adult education classes this fall, and has arranged them so that some will be informational, some will be interactive, and all will be designed to support us in our Christian lives. Coffee is being provided in the parish hall before the class begins. For more information, contact Maggie Roberts at <>.