New Class: A Healthier Lifestyle

New Class: A Healthier Lifestyle
By Julia Ariail
Posted September 22, 2013

Frances Crawford (on left) talks with Cheryl Hatcher about the new exercise program.

Bonnie Hanson and Cheryl Hatcher are sharing their desire for a healthy lifestyle with our church family. Beginning Thursday, October 3, from 6 to 7 p.m., and weekly on Thursdays thereafter, they will lead a sedentary exercise class. The class will emphasize basic ways to build strength, flexibility, balance, and energy.

Several other Christ Church members will help with the class: Ann Kasun, Erik Neilson, and Tammy Borders. Ann Kasun, founder of ALK Life Solutions, plans to teach people about preventing falls and how to safely get up if a fall should happen.

“I have been seriously ill for almost 10 years,” said Cheryl. “Thanks to lots of prayers from all of the Christ Church family, I am better. I want to give back to this group by sharing some of the things I learned from physical therapy.”

The target group is those aged 55+. That is over half our church members! Join the group. It will be fun, energizing and helpful. No one is going to make fun of you. We can all learn skills to help us now and later.

“Let’s be the fittest Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Georgia,” said Cheryl .