Stewardship Campaign — October 10 Update

Stewardship Campaign – October 10 Update
By Elizabeth Wisenbaker
Posted October 11, 2013

It's easy to figure out the message in our Stewardship Campaign logo!

Christ Church is blessed with 105 church families who have chosen to be a part of the 2014 “I Love Christ Church” Stewardship Campaign. To date we have $398,167 pledged. We are close to reaching our financial goal; however we are 59% away from reaching our 100% participation of church families pledging. Pledge cards are available in the church tower and can be filled out and put in the collection plate on Sunday. Pledges can also be taken over the phone by Amy Creasy (229-242-0616) and Kim Dudley (229-242-5115) in the church office Monday – Friday. The next phase of the stewardship campaign is personal visits from Stewardship committee members – Merrill Guice, Mike Holland, Nancy Lutsko, Sally Querin, David Sandbach and Elizabeth Wisenbaker.