Stewardship Campaign – November 3 Update

Stewardship Campaign – November 3 Update
By Elizabeth Wisenbaker
Posted November 3, 2013

It's easy to figure out the message in our Stewardship Campaign logo!

“Thank You” to all Christ Church members who contributed to the success of our 2014 Pledge Campaign “I Love Christ Church.”

During a year of many changes, we are proud that the members of Christ Church supported this campaign. Christ Church is truly blessed with a bright future.

During the 10:00 service on November 3, Nancy Lutsko brought forward this poster representing our 2014 pledges during the Offertory.


31 New Pledges
6 New Pledges converted from annual giving
67 “Stepped Up” their pledge compared to last year’s
22% Increase in total number of pledges
28% Increase in total dollars pledged

CAMPAIGN TOTAL 127 Pledges @ $423,287

For church members who haven’t sent in a pledge, it isn’t too late. Just call the church office (229 242-5115) and give them your pledge over the phone.

The Stewardship Committee
Merrill Guice, Mike Holland, Nancy Lutsko, Sally Querin, David Sandbach and
Elizabeth Wisenbaker