The Vineyard — Forty Years Ago (November 1973)

An Excerpt from The Vineyard from November 1973
Posted November 6, 2013

The names of the hospitals might change, but the need to notify the clergy if a family member is hospitalized remains the same. — The Vineyard editors


Please let the Rector know if you are hospitalized or if you need to see him for any reason. For years Pineview Hospital had an outstanding system and personnel (from a pastor’s view) who tried to keep the local ministers informed as to members who were hospitalized. South Georgia Medical Center no longer is able to provide this service. Even before, mistakes were made — but now I won’t know you are there unless I go through the whole hospital list or you let me know. This was always true of Moody’s hospital and Smith Hospital in Hahira.

— The Rev. Henry I. Louttit, Jr., Rector