Wifi Network in the Parish Hall

Wifi Network in the Parish Hall
By Julius Ariail, Information Technology Committee
Posted November 22, 2013

Wifi signal

A strong wifi network is now available throughout the parish hall. Since June, a temporary installation of a wifi network had made a signal available in about half of the parish hall — the half nearest the kitchen — but now the signal is much stronger and extends from the kitchen door to the Patterson Street door. This wifi network is essentially the same as the ones in the church office complex and the Gabard building, and the name (CECPRIVATE) and the password is the same. If you need the password, please contact Kim in the church office.

The information technology committee does apologize for a temporary installation condition in the kitchen pantry where a contractor plugged in some of the wifi equipment using an extension cord that ran across the middle of the pantry floor, causing a hazardous situation. This situation has been corrected and the floor area is clear once again.

The completion of this parish hall installation means that all of the meeting areas within the church offices, the parish hall, and the Gabard building now have wifi access to the Internet.