The Vineyard — Forty Years Ago (December 1973)

An Excerpt from The Vineyard from December 1973
By Julius Ariail
Posted December 2, 2013

The Rev. Henry I. Louttit, Jr., was the rector of Christ Church from 1967 until 1995, and was well-known for his direct challenges to the congregation in the areas of personal witness and evangelization. In 1995 he became the Ninth Bishop of the Diocese of Georgia, and continued his pattern of challenges in his sermons and other writings as he traveled across the diocese. In this excerpt from the December 1973 Vineyard, he addresses the issue of house guests and church attendance.

The Rector is terribly hurt by those who, thinking they are being nice, tell him they won’t be able to be in church next Sunday because they have house guests. What a tremendous opportunity to witness that Jesus means something to you! A good host might offer to accompany his guests to the church of their choice on Sunday morning. He might invite them to accompany him. It is perfectly proper, however, if house guests do not wish to go to Church, to leave them with the Sunday paper while you attend. That’s exactly the kind of witness you’re called to make by your baptism and commitment!

An excerpt from the December 1973 Vineyard.