Jamming with Jesus Feeds Senior Citizens

Jamming With Jesus Feeds Hungry Senior Citizens
By Stella Clark
Posted December 24. 2013

The Jamming with Jesus crew with the Christmas food sacks ready to be delivered.

Marge McCartney, Martha Scanlan and I have been packing backpacks with the Hungry at Home program for 3 years. At the end of the first year we decided to provide a sack lunch on Saturday during the summer when the kids didn’t get the backpacks. We have provided approximately 700 sack lunches during the summer.

After the kids went back to school, we decided to provide bags of canned, fresh, frozen foods to the elderly living in government housing. It was a joint decision by the three of us. We get most of the food from Second Harvest, but some is provided by Christ Church, Lake Park United Methodist Church and others in the community. We gave out canned hams with the trimmings for Thanksgiving. David Clark arranged and picked up 25 of Harvey’s rotisserie chickens and we packed bags with lots of goodies for the Christmas holiday. These were greatly appreciated by the elderly community.

We were pleased to have extra help with the packing and delivering. Our thanks go out to Julia Ariail, Cynthia Hayes, Lynn Bryce, Marge McCartney, Pat Bezona, Helen Tucker and Stella Clark. We welcome you to come join us in this fun-filled, joyful ministry-helping those in need and meeting a very special group of people.

See the additional article about the group on page 7 of the September 2012 of The Vineyard. If you are interested in helping with this ministry, contact Stella Clark @ stellamclark@att.net. The group needs financial assistance, 30 similar food items and packing and delivery help each month.