Update from the Search Committee

Update from the Search Committee
By Phyllis Holland, Search Committee Chair
Posted January 23, 2013

Phyllis Holland

The Search Committee has narrowed our initial list of 11 names to 4 candidates for rector. We have divided into groups of three to visit these candidates in their parishes. As instructed in the transition manual, we will attend a service in which each one is preaching, attend any activity following the service in which an ordinary visitor would participate, observe the general atmosphere of the church and the service, and talk to people without indicating the purpose of our visit. In addition we will share a meal with candidates and their spouses to get acquainted on a personal level. The Vestry has given us a travel budget and we are working to be good stewards of these funds. Please pray for travel safety and discernment for the traveling teams. Our last visit is scheduled for the end of February. At that point we will have to decide who to bring to Valdosta for interviews. We are fortunate in that this is going to be a difficult decision because of the high quality of our candidates. We appreciate your patience and support throughout this search.