Blocks into Blankets

Blocks into Blankets
By Pepi Nelson
Posted February 10, 2014

From left: Pepi Nelson and Frances Guice with blankets made from knitted squares.

The blocks just kept on coming. Stitchers within and outside Christ Church loved the idea of creating a simple 8″ block. They loved the idea of keeping the children of Syria warm in their tent cities on the Jordanian border. Before long, we had 4 large boxes full…and generous cash donations for international postage. Three boxes made it…but one never got through customs and was returned. Apparently it was too big!

The Stitchers then decided to use the squares that had been to the other side of the world to make lap blankets to warm those closer to home. It was amazing that when each individual square was sewn to another square that didn’t seem to match, it created incredibly beautiful warm blankets. They are being delivered with love to elderly and frail residents of our own community.

So keep those squares coming. We will continue to make blankets and lapghans for those in our community who need just a little more warmth.