From Our Senior Warden

A Letter to the Parish From Our Senior Warden
By Jeff Hanson
Posted March 3, 2014

Jeff Hanson

Dear Christ Church,

It seems like ages ago now, but just over a year ago we completed the Parish profile where we listed our priorities and outlined what we want as a church. The three priorities identified by every age group, as well as frequent and infrequent attenders (so just about everybody!) are listed below:

– To make necessary changes to attract families with children and youth to our church

– To develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to reach new people and incorporate them into the life of the church

– To provide more opportunities for Christian education and spiritual formation at every age and stage of life

So what have we done to accomplish these items? Actually, we have been quite busy. Some of the highlights include:

– The Search committee has used this data to seek candidates that have this skill set during the Rector search

– The Vestry initiated changes to our service schedule to better facilitate Christian Education opportunities

– The Vestry is developing a job description for a Youth Minister so that we are ready to act when the new Rector arrives

– The Vestry has taken inventory of our assets and have constructed and / or renovated buildings to meet the priorities identified in the Parish Survey. These include the completion of the Gabard Education Building, the renovation of Loutitt Hall, and the renovation of the Tomberlin House

– We have developed a strong relationship with the VSU Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and we hope that 4 – 6 members will rent the Tomberlin House and the group will also utilize this building as their off-campus meeting / worship center

– We have identified the Columba House project as a possible model to expand our VSU on-campus ministry and increase the use of Louitt Hall for VSU students

– The Vestry is exploring ways to use the Pre-school program to attract families and use as a portal to interest families to frequent our church

– The Vestry is exploring ways to coordinate with Brenda Keller, our VSU on-campus coordinator, who is provided to us by the Diocese

– The Vestry is exploring the creation of a Long term Giving Plan to ensure our long term financial stability

Obviously, these initiatives were started several years ago and include the hard work and vision of many. We have been blessed to have continuity in purpose and a common vision to develop a long term strategic plan. By working together and by focusing on the big picture, there is no doubt in my mind that we will succeed!

Jeff Hanson, Senior Warden