June 2014 Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic

June 2014 Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic
By Julia Ariail
Posted March 6, 2014

The title slide from the DR mission trip presentation on March 2nd. Click this image to see more slides from this presentation.

We are planning the twelfth Christ Church Valdosta Mission trip to El Pedregal, Dominican Republic, from June 7 – 14, 2014. Whether you are interested in joining the “Go Team” or want to help financially or prayerfully with the “Home Team,” you might enjoy viewing the photos from the presentation about the upcoming trip Julius and Julia Ariail gave to the March 2nd adult education class.

The 45-minute presentation featured the who, what, when, where and why of the June trip. The photos included pictures of the Campamento Monte de la Transfiguración where the team eats and sleeps, last year’s construction and knitting projects, the kid’s party we host and several previous year’s projects like Vacation Bible School.

We plan to build another house for a village resident during the 2014 trip. Click this image to see more slides from this presentation.

We also plan to conduct knitting and crocheting classes. Click this image to see more slides from this presentation.

This year’s projects include building a house for Jackeline Almonte, the head of the greenhouse workers. This set of two greenhouses on the camp’s property grows bell peppers, tomatoes, bananas, plantains and passion fruit to support the camp’s operations. We will also do some painting at the camp and possibly at the school, as well as teach knitting and crochet. We hope to donate 25 scholarships to the school we helped build in years past. Each scholarship costs US$350 to educate a child in the Episcopal school for one year. If we raise enough money and have enough team members, we will also build children’s play equipment beside the school. This is a favorite project of Jim Drazdowski, who is drawing plans for the construction.

A favorite part of our mission trips is the 'splash party' we sponsor for the village children. Click this image to see more slides from this presentation.

Help us make these projects a reality. Send a check for $350 to Christ Episcopal Church, 1521 North Patterson Street, Valdosta, Georgia 31602, marked for Dominican Scholarship. Come to the Dominican Night we plan to host at the Cotton Corner, Friday, April 25. There will be food, an auction to raise money for our projects, and a celebration of the ministries of the Rev. Tar Drazdowski and Jim Drazdowski. Tar+’s last Sunday at Christ Church will be April 27th. There will be a reception in the parish hall for the Drazdowskis after the 10:00 a.m. worship service, but the Friday “Dominican Night” party and fundraiser will be our “noisy” farewell to both of them.

Why do we keep going back to El Pedregal? Every missioner expresses it differently. The Rev. Tar is fond of saying, “It is all about relationships.” She has certainly made many friends in this village of 500, seen children grow up and begin their own families. The “Go Team” members all have their own personal memories of these relationships, and are willing to share them with the “Home Team” members anytime.

A photograph of an exhausted - but happy - mission team from North Carolina. Click this image to see more slides from this presentation.

View the presentation here: https://picasaweb.google.com/109855144588885324417/20140302MissionTripPresentation#5986272345357379010

See the one-page handout distributed at the presentation here: http://www.christchurchvaldosta.org/wp-content/uploads/DR-2014-trip-presentation-handout.pdf

Find out details of this year’s trip here: https://christchurchvaldosta.wordpress.com/2013/11/08/dr-2014-mission-trip-planning-page/