From Our Junior Warden

A Letter to the Parish From Our Junior Warden
By Frances Guice
Posted March 11, 2014

Frances Guice

Dear Christ Church,

I became your Junior Warden in January 2014. As your Junior Warden, I am in charge of maintenance of the buildings and grounds at Christ Church. I am allowed to spend up to $500.00 without vestry approval since some things just need to get done sooner rather than later. The Rector and Senior Warden are always aware of my plans and everything is done with the budget in mind. You are seeing a lot of work going on around Christ Church because of your generous donations of time and money to our church.

I have a fantastic Buildings and Grounds Committee which includes Len Carter, Jim Nelson, Bill Querin, Blake Ellis and Allan Dear. If I don’t know it (which is often), they do. Many of our Junior Wardens have been fabulous handymen in their own right. I, however, liken myself to more of a project manager. I organize and direct. I do love to roll up my sleeves, but you probably won’t find me working on the ice machine with a wrench.

I have to tell you that my first two months as your Junior Warden have been very busy, great fun and just the very interesting learning experience that I hoped it would be. We have several projects happening at once. We are preparing for three priest candidates to tour our properties and, of course, we want to look good! We may have our new priest and his family live in the Rectory which will need some “polish”. We have tenants moving into the Tomberlin house. And, finally, our glorious Easter is just around the corner. And, ALL of these events are happening on top of each other.

So, without further ado, here is what has been done with the help of a small army of Christ Church and Sigma Nu Fraternity volunteers and hired professionals:

-Memorial Garden weeded and planting of new grass to begin in about a week (had to be ordered) –thank you Bill Querin

-Memorial Garden redwood cross rotted in the center to be replaced with Cypress cross which is in the process of being made. – Thank you Dave Clark

-Memorial Garden fountain cleaned and in working order – thanks Hudson Tanner

-Found new lawn maintenance service who bid $5,000.00 less per year. Current lawn service asked to remain at that lower price.

-Pressure washed Louttit Hall, St. Francis courtyard, back of the Gabard building and all walkways soon to be pressure washed – thank you Len Carter

-Filled large holes by the College St. walkway (large trees used to be there and the rain washed out dirt from prior fill-ins- thank you Jim Nelson

-Ordered and installed new Episcopal Flag for front of church – thank you Tristan Guice, David Schert and Rev. Cantrell

-Repainted yellow caution stripes on steps- Thanks Nancy and Gary

-Sanded and repainted outside handrails at steps to kitchen and office- thanks Sigma Nu and Tristan Guice

-Cleaned choir room, conference room and vestment room carpets- Mighty Klean

-Painted walls and trim in choir room – Thanks Sigma Nu, Angela Duncan and Rita Hightower

-Repairing minor electrical problem at Rectory – diagnosis in progress by GA Power

-Repaired loose bricks in archways at front door of Rectory – thanks Joe Brown

-Pressure washed back porch of Rectory – thanks Mike Tanner

-Removed old yard sign – thanks Hudson Tanner

-Signage cleaned – Thank you Sigma Nu

-Complicated thermostat in sanctuary replaced and locked case over it removed – Thanks Kim Dudley (she installed it!!!)

-Repair of area around new thermostat- hired repairer

-New coffee carafes purchased.

-Storage space reorganized –Thanks Pepi Nelson

-Keys made and labeled for new priest – thanks Kim Dudley

-Hauled off misc. broken equipment – thanks Ralph Jackson

The following projects are in progress:

-Rectory wiring (may be outside lines) – Thanks Davis Industrial for a free consult

-Planting of new grass in the Memorial Garden (on order) – thanks Bill Querin

-Icemaker leaking with tiles affected (tiles are on concrete so not a crisis), and baseboards rotted. Icemaker drain to be refitted. – Hired professional repair

-Wiring behind icemaker found to be dangerous – Professional repair

-Address sign by front door looks o.k. but you can put your finger through the wood…. Professional hired

-Parish Hall sign being reframed- Professional hired

-Wireless internet/cable being installed in Tomberlin House – thanks Len Carter and Allan Dear

Projects about to start:

At Rectory:


-Deep cleaning when vacant

-Small repairs

-New hot water heater

*All of this will happen in a very short time span between Rev. Cantrell’s departure and the new priest’s arrival. Our new priest and his family may opt to have their own home, in which case we will rent the rectory.

At offices:

-Deep Cleaning of priest’s office which will include emptying the vestment closet and removing books

On grounds:

-Re-grading and new layer of rocks on back parking lot (with approval of vestry at next meeting)

I am amazed and thankful at how little this list of repairs has cost our church. At every turn, I have a fabulous team of church volunteers. I used the Sigma Nu Fraternity at the suggestion of Angela Duncan and they put in a solid four hours of work. There are times that the job calls for a professional. I would like to give a shout out to a brick mason named Joe Brown (229-561-5058) who repaired the rectory brick for free.


1. Watch for the work board in the parish hall and sign on with some friends to complete a project

2. I will be calling for volunteers to sign on for Rectory work in the near future.

3. Let me know of skills that you have and would enjoy using around our church.

4. Let me know of any problems needing work/repair.

It is such an honor to be entrusted with the upkeep of our beloved church. I thank you for all of the support you give to Christ Episcopal Church.