A Letter From Our Senior Warden

A Letter to the Parish From Our Senior Warden
By Jeff Hanson
Posted April 7, 2014

Jeff Hanson

Dear Christ Church Family,

During the Lenten season as we prepare for Easter, it is an appropriate time to reflect on our spiritual journey and to look forward to our future. As Tar+ mentioned in her sermon this past Sunday, we need to think big, dream big, and not settle with “comfortable.” We need to maximize all our tools, gifts, and potential to serve and grow. What a timely message and one that I hope that we all seriously consider.
Change is not fun, nor is it comfortable. However, growth by its very nature requires change. And I can honestly say that over the past two years, Christ Church has grown and changed for the best. We have all worked to prepare ourselves for our new Rector. We continue to prayerfully await the Search Committee’s recommendation, and I encourage all of you to keep them in your prayers daily.

As we enter the crucial final stages of our search process, questions do arise as to what happens next. The Vestry and the Search Committee have an excellent working relationship with open dialogue. We are following the Diocese’s established template to lead us through this transitional process. While the guidelines may occasionally appear rigid, they represent a time-proven method that has been successful for many other parishes. Please trust the process and have faith in those we have entrusted to do God’s work. If you do have questions, please ask any Vestry member, and they will gladly discuss your concerns with you.

We have so many people that do so much for our church, many of whom never seek recognition – they simply serve. Words cannot express my appreciation for the multitude of humble servants that make Christ Church so special. Keep praying, and keep stretching to move out of your comfort zone, and watch us grow!

God’s Peace to you all!

Jeff Hanson, Senior Warden