Christ Church Receives Preservation Award

Christ Church Receives Preservation Award
By Clinton Beeland
Posted April 8, 2014

Working in the Camellia Garden on January 5, 2014. Click this image to see more photographs from this workday event.

[Editor’s Note: this article was scheduled to be posted in late February; but due to my error, that posting was unfortunately delayed until today. My apologies to Clinton and the Valdosta Tree Commission. — Julius Ariail]

I had the pleasure of attending the annual Arbor Day ceremony in Valdosta on February 21, 2014, as a representative of Christ Church. At that ceremony, the Valdosta Tree Commission presented its Legacy Award to the late Hulyn Smith, a member of Christ Church. The citation for this award reads as follows:

The Legacy Award goes to Hulyn Smith, a man with deep roots in our community, whose influence has spread throughout the world! He was renowned for his camellia hybrids, sending scions internationally, serving as President of the American Camellia Society as well as Chairman of the Board, yet maintained a vigorous interest in local gardeners, being inspirational in the development of our Lowndes County Master Gardeners and mentoring many new Camellia fans, who well remember his dry sense of humor and practical approach. His daughter, Mandy White will accept this award.

The Valdosta Tree Commission’s Legacy Award was presented to Christ Church for its restoration of the Camellia Garden. The citation for this award reads as follows:

The Preservation Award is presented to Christ Episcopal Church, where Hulyn was a beloved member. This group of faith, which was so important to Hulyn, has been inspired to create a memorial garden for Hulyn and his wife Janet, by restoring the garden of Sarah Oliver, one of Hulyn’s contemporaries. This project has brought together many gardeners from the church and surrounding community, and is in the process of transforming the area back to its previous elegance, which was enjoyed in the past by a wide variety of local parishioners. We all hope that this intermingling of wonderful old camellias, Hulyn’s new hybrids, and other companion plants and hardscape features will reach out to old and new visitors alike.

The Commission commented as follows on the combination of these two awards:

The Valdosta Tree Commission is presenting the Legacy and Preservation awards as a combination, which represents the interactions between individuals and local communities in the way that gardeners interact with and are inspired by their gardens. These awards represent the best of what happens when individuals and communities interact, creating and preserving legacies to inspire the future.

The Preservation award presented to Christ Church.