From the Rev. Tar Drazdowski: Thank You for the Dominican Dinner and Auction!

Thank You for the Dominican Dinner and Auction!
By the Rev. Tar Drazdowski
Posted May 1, 2014

The Rev. Tar Drazdowski greeting parishioners at the Dominican Dinner and Auction event on April 24, 2014

An album of photographs from this event is available in Christ Church’s online albums here. An album of photographs of the slides shown at this event is available here.

I would like to thank all who participated in the Dominican Dinner and Auction this year! The food was delicious, the pictures were great, and the fellowship was outstanding. It was so exciting to see how the mission has developed over the years and to see the lives that have been touched by Christ Church saying yes to mission in our Companion Diocese of the Dominican Republic.

The mission continues as evident by the tremendous support from our partners near and far. I believe the auction this year was the most successful ever. Our collective efforts raised $5,689 for construction and other supplies and $3,960 for scholarships for a grand total of $9,649! There are many people who were instrumental to the success of this year’s auction. The committee was Julia Ariail, chair; Jeani Synyard, Gail Hobgood, Marilyn Miller, Jeana Beeland, and Helen Tucker. People assisting at the auction were Duke Guthrie, auctioneer; Sandy Sandbach, bartender; Clinton and Jeana Beeland, host and hostess; and Dennis Marks, cashier. Thank you to the following people who donated items: Tom and Stefani Carroll, Bill Tucker, Duke Guthrie, Karen Gunter, Julia Ariail, Valdosta Greenhouses, the estate of Aleta Corley via Sandra Fletcher, Dick and Debi Saeger, Happy and the Rev. Peter Ingeman, Ron and Tammy Borders, Walter and Gail Hobgood, Judy DeMott, and Kathryn Mayer. Jim and I also had the pleasure of donating a hand-crafted birdhouse to the auction.

This is a particularly important year as we have a change in leadership. I am extremely confident in the people who have volunteered to assume the leadership role for this year’s trip. Fred Richter, from Trinity Episcopal Church in Statesboro, will be serving as team leader of the trip. Julia Ariail and Helen Tucker will be responsible for the administrative and financial aspects of the trip. Julius Ariail has been instrumental in project development and will continue to provide the home team with fabulous pictures, which capture the essence of mission in the hearts and souls of our team and our Dominican partners.

On a personal note, thank you for your support over the years. I cannot begin to tell you how exciting it has been to watch this mission grow over the years. The work continues, hearts continue to be changed, lives continue to be enriched and Jesus is smack dab in the middle of it all!

Thanks be to God!