School Supplies Donated for the 2014 Mission Trip

School Supplies Donated for the 2014 Mission Trip
By Julia Ariail
Posted on May 22, 2014

From left: Julia Ariail, one of the 2014 DR mission team leaders; Angela Ward, with the program banner and the suitcase full of school supplies.

All Christians know the commandment to “Honor thy father and thy mother.” Angela Ward, a Valdosta resident, has taken the extraordinary step of starting a charitable foundation in honor of her grandmother, Wilma Morrison. The foundation has this mission statement:

Our mission is to support women, men, and children through creating educational opportunities such as scholarships for individuals seeking higher education. We also aim to provide food, clothing, health, and social support through our frequent fundraising projects and our partnerships with other organizations. The foundation seeks to always provide a charitable hand as a way of giving back to our women, men, and children who are in need. We are excited about our current and future projects to come and look forward to all of your support.

Some of the donated school supplies.

Angela Ward works with members of Christ Episcopal Church at the Valdosta branch of ResCare, and heard from them about this year’s mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Working with her friends and employees of ResCare and Lowndes High School, Angela coordinated the donation of a suitcase full of school supplies for this year’s mission team to deliver to the school children in El Pedregal. Since the airline charges $40 for an extra checked bag of supplies such as this, she also donated the money to pay for that fee.

Some of the donated school supplies.

“I am just so excited to be a part of this ministry,” said Angela. She asked us to take a photo of the Dominican school children and the school supplies with the banner shown in the photo above when they are donated to the school. She will proudly display this photograph with other materials related to the Wilma Morrison Foundation.

Christ Episcopal Church is helping Angela in a canned food drive to benefit the Second Harvest of South Georgia’s food bank. There is a box in the bell tower entrance to Christ Church in which to place the canned goods. These donated canned goods will be picked up on Wednesday, June 4, after the 6 p.m. service.

Thank you, Angela, and all your friends for your help with this year’s mission trip!

One of the classrooms in the Colegio Episcopal Monte de la Transfiguración in El Pedregal / Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic.

The Colegio Episcopal Monte de la Transfiguración in El Pedregal / Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic.