Thank-You Letter for UTO Contribution

A Thank-You Letter for Our Recent UTO Contribution
by Helen Tucker
Posted June 27, 2014

Christ Church recently received this thank-you letter from Ms. Marcie Cherau, the coordinator for the ECW and UTO programs in the Diocese of Georgia. Our national UTO office recently announced that the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic will be receiving another large UTO grant, approximately $160,000, for the construction of a new church building for a congregation in Santo Domingo that is currently meeting under an oak tree in a vacant lot and for a new playground in an Episcopal school on the Dominican Republic’s border with Haiti. Last year the Dominican diocese received a grant that has been used to build a new technical school in an impoverished community on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic. Within our own diocese, UTO grants were announced that funded an after-school program in Darien and a community garden and social center in Thomasville. As the letter states, “our change changes lives!”

Dear ECW/Members Christ Church, Valdosta,

On behalf of the United Thank Offering we thank you so much for your recent Thankful Giving. Your generous check for $355.75 will go directly to the UTO Grants fund so that many of those in need will be assisted.

“Our Change Changes Lives” is our motto and one that we see played out every year as we offer grants to our fellow Episcopalians throughout the world. The Diocese of Georgia ECW Board is most appreciative of the gifts that our many parishioners give throughout the year.

Thank you for your continued giving and caring.

My Blessings,

Marcie Cherau, ECW/UTO Coordinator
Diocese of Georgia

A scanned copy of the original letter is below:

A scanned copy of the UTO thank-you letter