Letter from Frances Guice

Dear Christ Church Family,

I am forever grateful to you for your love and prayers which made our last years with Mama a true celebration of life. God and you, her church family, were central to her life.

Mama joined Christ Church about 60 years ago. She had a strong and sure faith in God and loved her Bible and devotionals. Reflecting on her life at Christ Church, I see that she always looked for what she could do for the church family, not what the church could do for her. In doing for you, the church, she was fed. And whenever she did need you, you were there for her.

I’ve had some time to look at her devotionals and her Bibles. She dog-eared many pages and underlined and starred passages. The common theme was that God is love and is ever present, there to comfort and to heal…..for her (us) not to be afraid, that He is our salvation. She read these words and believed them, and lived them. She loved God and she loved life and she loved you all.

The last month of her life was not easy, but the prayers, the visits, the flowers, the food and the love that came with them lifted us all up. Mama certainly did not feel alone as your love surrounded her. She died holding a wooden hand cross and with another precious cross on her chest. She was surrounded by all of her children and grandchildren.

The weekend of her funeral we had about 50 family members flowing in and out. My brothers and I are so thankful for all of the fabulous food that flowed through our house! Thank You to everyone who brought food.

I thank God for her love and her example of Christianity in action throughout her life. I thank God because there is not a better church family, than my Christ Church family.

With love,

Frances Guice