Our DR Mission Team Helps Pack Medical Supplies

Our DR Mission Team Helps Pack Medical Supplies
By Julia and Julius Ariail
Posted September 25, 2014

Members of our DR mission team help to pack medical supplies and optical exam equipment in the parish hall on Saturday, September 20, 2014.

An online album of photographs from this event is available here.

Members of our Dominican Republic’s mission team, both the “home team” and the “go team,” assembled in the parish hall on Saturday morning, September 20, 2015, to help pack about 800 pounds of medical supplies and optical examination equipment for shipment to the Dominican Republic in October. The supplies and examination equipment will be donated to the Clínica Esperanza y Caridad (Hope and Charity Clinic) in the city of San Pedro de Macorís on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic. This clinic has been operated for the past fifteen years by the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Episcopal schoolchildren leaving the clinic (two-story building behind the green sign) after receiving an optical exam by members of a mission team from St. Peter’s Episcopal Church (Savannah, GA) in February, 2014.

The donation of the medical supplies and the optical examination equipment was arranged by Dr. Alan Peaslee, an optometrist in South Georgia Eye Partners, along with Dr. Scott Petermann, an ophthalmologist with that practice.

Drs. Peaslee (yellow shirt) and Petermann (gray shirt) help unload a heavy piece of optical examination equipment to be taken in to the parish hall for packing.

Dr. Peaslee is a member of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Tifton, GA, and joined up with an optical clinic mission team sponsored by St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Savannah, GA, to conduct an optical clinic in Clínica Esperanza y Caridad from February 15-22, 2014. An album of photographs from this mission trip is available here. While he was at the clinic on this mission trip, he observed the need for additional medical supplies to support the basic operations of the clinic and also the need for optical examination equipment to be in place to support future optical clinics. This optical examination equipment is too heavy to transport with the regular mission team equipment. The donated equipment boxed on September 20th will be transported to the Dominican Republic by a container ship in October, 2014, and will be in place when Dr. Peaslee and the St. Peter’s mission team return for their second optical clinic in February, 2015. For more information on this St. Peter’s trip and other Dominican Republic mission trips sponsored by Episcopal churches in the Diocese of Georgia, go here.

The work of our own mission team depends on the support of the “home team,” those who do not travel to the Dominican Republic but who assist the members of the “go team,” the individuals who actually make the trip. Several “home team” and “go team” members responded to the request for packing assistance on September 20, and after two hours of work the boxed supplies looked like this:

The boxed supplies and equipment awaiting transport to the Dominican Republic.

The boxes are scheduled to be picked up at Christ Church on Sunday, September 28th, by Bill Kunkle, the Executive Director of the Dominican Development Group (DDG). The DDG, an organization within The Episcopal Church, coordinates the work of the dioceses that have established companion relationships with the Diocese of the Dominican Republic and frequently send mission teams to work there. Bill Kunkle is currently driving a U-Haul truck to collect several heavy items of supplies and equipment from several churches and individuals in South Carolina and Georgia, including Christ Church (Valdosta), before taking them to Miami to be loaded in a shipping container for transport to Santo Domingo. Once the container is unloaded in Santo Domingo, the contents will be picked up by representatives of the Dominican diocese and taken to the clinic in San Pedro de Macorís.