Planning Has Started For Our 2015 DR Mission Trip

Planning Has Started For Our 2015 Mission Trip
By Julia Ariail
Posted September 25, 2014

The island of Hispanola, with Haiti on the left and the Dominican Republic on the right. Our mission team flies from Orlando to Santo Domingo (big red star) and takes a chartered bus to the village of El Pedregal (small red star). El Pedregal is near the large city of Jarabacoa.

We are planning our 2015 mission trip! Fred Richter from Trinity Episcopal Church in Statesboro has agreed to serve again as our team leader, and Helen Tucker, Julius Ariail, and I will work again as the local Valdosta coordinators. After discussion with Fred and an email exchange with Karen Carroll, the missions team coordinator for the Diocese of the Dominican Republic, we have established June 15-22, 2015, as our #1 date priority. This is a Monday – Monday, which is new for our team. This June 15-22 period has been tentatively reserved for us at the Campamento in El Pedregal. Three other date options are available, and all four are listed below:

Top Priority #1 – June 15-22 (Monday to Monday; at the camp June 15-21, in a hotel in the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo June 21-22)

Priority #2 – June 13-20 (Saturday to Saturday; at the camp June 13-19, in a hotel in the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo June 19-20)

Priority #3 – June 8-15 (Monday to Monday; at the camp June 8-14, in a hotel in the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo June 14-15)

Priority #4 – June 6-13 (Saturday to Saturday; at the camp June 6-12, in a hotel in the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo June 12-13)

We are planning to coordinate construction and maintenance work projects in June 2015 with the youth mission team from the Diocese of Nebraska, just as we did in June 2014. Our combined teams in 2014 were able to complete construction of a wooden playground for the school and a concrete-block house for a village family that replaced an older, substandard structure. The Nebraska team will be back at the Campamento from June 22-29, 2015, which will allow us to finish half of the assigned projects and then have the work taken up quickly by the Nebraska team. As of now, we do not know what these projects will be.

If you think that you might be interested in joining the 2015 “Go Team,” please consider the #1 priority time option (June 15-22) and the other three options and send me any comments via email ( or telephone (229-559-7329) by Saturday, October 4. Replying is not a commitment to join the team, but we did not want to confirm the 2015 dates without prospective team members having had a chance to consider and comment on the options. We would like to let Karen know our final choice by Monday, October 6. Julius and I will be with Karen and the Bishop of the Dominican Republic at the board meeting of the Dominican Development Group in Michigan from October 23-27, and hope to discuss project options with them at that time.

Once we open up the team roster for commitments to join, please know that we are encouraging parent/teenager participation again this year. For more information on this, please contact me.

We will also have a table with information about our DR mission trip at Christ Church’s ministries fair after the 10:00 a.m. service on Sunday, September 28th. If you have participated as a member of the “Go Team” in past years, please wear your mission t-shirt and team cross and help us answer questions about this long-standing mission activity.

For general information about the DR mission teams that Christ Church has sponsored in the past, go to Christ Church’s DR Mission Trip webpage here.