Thank-You Notes Received for DR School Scholarships

Thank-You Notes Received for DR School Scholarships
By Julia and Julius Ariail
Posted September 30, 2014

An album of these thank-you notes is available here as part of the church’s Picasa site. All of the notes are also available as a single PDF file here.

When is the last time you received a thank-you note from a child? They are always special, especially in this digital age. Our mission team received 25 this week with personal artwork attached to each information sheet.

Bill Kunkle, the Executive Director of the Dominican Development Group, visited Christ Church on September 28, 2014, to participate in our ministries fair and to pick up 17 boxes of donated medical supplies and optical examination equipment to be transported to a clinic in the Dominican Republic operated by the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic. While he was here, he also delivered a set of thank-you notes from the children who received one of the scholarships we donated for the 2014-2015 academic year to the Episcopal school in El Pedregal. Through contributions from the members of our “home team,” “go team,” and members of other supporting churches, we were able to donate $12,250 for 35 full-year scholarships. Bill brought us a set of 25 thank-you notes, and we expect the remaining 10 will be received soon. The children who wrote the notes are in grades kindergarten through seventh. Each note has a photograph and some information about the scholarship recipient, plus a drawing or written note to say “Gracias!” In the scans of the notes made available here, last names and other personal identifying information about the students have been removed for privacy reasons.

Click on either image below to see all of these notes.

The first page of one of the thank-you notes. Click this image to see all of these notes.

The second page of one of the thank-you notes. Click this image to see all of these notes.