Another Thank-You Letter from a Dominican Student

Another Thank-You Letter from a Dominican Student
By Julius Ariail
Posted December 10, 2014

Anibal Peñalo Victoriano, a special-education student whose education is funded by our Dominican Republic mission ministry.

In addition to providing scholarships for Dominican students enrolled in the Episcopal K-8 school in El Pedregal, Christ Church has also been supporting the education of Anibal Peñalo Victoriano, a seventeen-year-old special education student. Anibal, also known by his nickname, Pirulo, attends a government-sponsored special education school in Jarabacoa, the large city near the village of El Pedregal where our mission teams have been working since 2001. Our contributions pay for his tuition fees at this school and also for his transportation by taxi from his home in El Pedregal to and from the school in Jarabacoa each school day — a distance of about 5 miles.

We recently received a thank-you letter from Anibal. The letter was originally written in Spanish and then translated into English for our benefit.

Anibal's original thank-you letter in Spanish.

Anibal's original thank-you letter translated into English.