Eucharistic Visitor Ministry

Did you know that Christ Episcopal Church has a Eucharistic Visitor Ministry?

What is Eucharistic Visitor Ministry?

The Eucharistic Visitor Ministry is a ministry that brings the reserve sacrament and communion to members of the Christ Church community who are homebound for some reason and cannot attend Sunday worship service. We strive to keep God’s presence in the lives of all Christ Church parishioners by bringing communion to them at least once a month.

Who is called to be a Eucharist Visitor?  

All baptized Christians are called to do God’s work. If you have a desire to serve the elderly and homebound this ministry is for you. Eucharistic Visitors describe their personal experiences of bringing the holy sacrament and communion to others as being ‘life changing’ and God’s gift to both the giver and the receiver.  Through this ministerial call one often experiences a deeper relationship with God and a greater understanding of the value of staying connected with a spiritual community.

How do I request a Eucharistic Visit?  

For parishioners and/or family members who would like to request a Eucharistic Visit please contact Nancy Lutsko to be placed on the Visitor’s list. You will then be called by a Eucharistic Visitor to set up a time for your visit. This list will change periodically with people being added to the list and taken off the list when they are able to attend Sunday worship service.