G-Force Vacation Bible School

G-Force Vacation Bible School: June 8-11, 2015
By Stefani Carroll
Posted June 11, 2015

‘In him we live and move and have our being’;
as even some of your poets have said,
‘For we are indeed his offspring.’

Acts 17:28

An album of photographs from this event is available here. These photographs are also available in an album on Christ Church’s Facebook page here.

Our 2015 Vacation Bible School children and staff members. Click this image to see more photographs from VBS 2015.

As we gather on Monday morning for the first day of Vacation Bible School, there is always a sense of anticipation, excitement, and, most of all, hope. We hope everyone has fun, that the stations run smoothly, that everyone gets along, and of course, that the Good News flows freely into young minds and hearts. And each year, we are reminded of why we love this church and these people so much, because those hopes were fulfilled this week, thanks to the incredible group of volunteers that made it all possible.

Phyllis Hiers and Mimi Allen (with extra help this year from Helen Tucker) always do an incredible job of showing the children the wonders of God’s creation through fascinating science experiments. This year, those included tornado tubes, kaleidoscopes, “snow,” color-changing milk and color-changing discs. Karen Bell helped the children make physical manifestations of the scriptures each day with beautiful crafts such as prayer pots, sun catchers and sand art crosses. Grace Diamond and Kate Hanson had the challenging, but fun, job of teaching the children to make a joyful noise (and dance) to the Lord, and then leading the kids in their performance for the parents at the closing service on Thursday (it was great, ladies!). In addition, we will present a song from VBS on June 14th during the 10:00 service during the announcements time. Emily Johnson and Loyce Turner (with Thursday help from Jim Chamberlain) got to play with the kids in Games, illustrating the scriptures through the movements of games such as Shepherds Shoes, Move with Moses, Friends to the Rescue, Follow Me, and Get to the Empty Tomb. They are now experts in the game of Duck, Duck, Goose, too! The Snack crew – Steph Johnson, Sallie Honeycutt, Leigh Long, Susan Chamberlain, and Cheryl Hatcher – made yummy snacks to help the kids digest their lessons (feel free to groan at that pun) and keep them energized for the after-snack session.

Shepherding the kids through the stations was a fantastic group of leaders and helpers: Millie Johnson, Keri Wilkin, Julie Daughtrey, Shayla Bajalia, Julia Ariail, Rena Nelson, Hadley Kirkland, Cecilia Carroll, Caroline Prine, Brooklyn Prine, Kate Tunison, John David Greneker, Savannah Allen, and Cassidy Honeycutt. Running varied errands and doing odd jobs for Stefani Carroll were Hayden Coggins and John Nelson.

Our resident decorating diva, Rena Nelson, created the vision for a space of movement, color and fun. As usual, Julius Ariail did an incredible job of taking and posting pictures, tirelessly making the rounds each day to capture the magic and wonder that is VBS at Christ Church!

Singing and dancing at the closing gathering on Thursday. Click this image to see more photographs from VBS 2015.