UTO Fall Ingathering

UTO Offering on November 8, 2015
By Helen Tucker
Posted October 28, 2015

The UTO ‘Blue Box’

What is United Thank Offering?
The United Thank Offering is a personal and family devotional program of the Episcopal Church. It is a practice in our life in Christ that begins with daily prayers and gifts of thanksgiving. These gifts of thanksgiving-coins and bills dropped in the UTO Blue Box are combined with others at parish and diocesan celebrations and finally within all of the Episcopal Church.

The offerings totaling nearly $1.5 million each year (January through December 31) are given away in the form of grants. These grants continue to support projects that address poverty of women and children and make a significant impact in strengthening the mission and ministry of the Church throughout the world. Every penny of the Offerings is allocated each year for granting. For your convenience envelops will be placed in the pews this coming Sunday and also in the church bulletin on Nov. 8th so that you can turn in your change or write and check to Christ Church noting it for UTO. Collections of our Spring Ingathering were $890.05.

Thank you so much for your continued support of this important and integral part in the mission of the Episcopal Church. Our change does change lives. Visit UTO for information on grant awards for 2015.

Helen Tucker, UTO Coordinator