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Policy on Memorial Gifts

Policy on Memorial Gifts
Approved by the Vestry on November 25, 2014
Posted January 12, 2015

A copy of this policy in PDF format is available here. This policy is also posted on the Vestry’s web page here.

From time to time parishioners or other friends of Christ Church make gifts to the Church in memory or honor of a loved one. In making these gifts, the donors find a meaningful way to express their gratitude, love, and memories of that person. Additionally, these gifts benefit the Church and further its mission. Memorials must be considered from several perspectives including purpose, utility, permanence, and ongoing physical maintenance and funding of that upkeep. Memorials should reflect the values of the church community as well as the donor and person being honored. Cash gifts to a specific program or ministry are also gratefully accepted.

In making a gift, the donor gives full ownership to the Church and gives up any control over future use or disposition. When the Church accepts a memorial gift, it agrees to use that gift in accordance with the wishes of the donor for as long as it remains consistent with the purpose and mission of the Church. However, there can be no guarantee that a memorial gift will be used or maintained in perpetuity.

A Letter of Agreement will be completed and signed by both parties for all significant memorial gifts. It is the sole responsibility of the donor to determine the value of a gift-in-kind. The Church cannot assign a value to the donated item. The Church will have the right to dispose of the memorial if and when its care and maintenance becomes unreasonably burdensome or the mission of the Church can be better served by its disposal. In such cases, the Vestry will make the decision as to whether the memorial is to be donated, sold, or disposed of with respect and dignity.

Gifts of tangible property to create a physical memorial in the Church or on its grounds should be in harmony with the Church and its mission. Such gifts should not create an administrative or financial burden for the Church. Proposals for building alterations or additions, interior or exterior fixtures, renovations or decorations must be considered for their effect on the buildings and the grounds. Recommendations to the Vestry regarding the practical and esthetic impact of the gift will be the function of the Memorials Committee composed of members of the parish including those who are knowledgeable in the history and architecture of the Church. The Committee may request plans, drawings, photographs or other “visuals” to determine precisely what is being proposed, where it would be located, and how it would be constructed and installed. The determination to accept or reject the gift will be the domain of the Vestry.

The Memorials Committee will also establish a list of suggested items, ministries, or other memorials that would be acceptable; maintain a Memorials Book, recording donors and memorial gifts; assure that acknowledgements are sent for all memorial gifts received; plan and facilitate dedication events, where appropriate; and see that all memorial gifts are properly used and maintained. When appropriate, the memorial gift will be marked with a plaque or inscription recognizing the donors and the person remembered. The size and style of these markers will be determined by the Memorials Committee in consultation with the Vestry.

Our Annual Meeting on January 11, 2015

Our Annual Meeting on January 11, 2015
By Julia Ariail
Posted January 12, 2015

Our Annual Meeting on January 11, 2015. Click this image to see more photographs from this event.

An album of photographs from this event is available here.

Christ Episcopal Church held its annual meeting on Sunday, January 11, 2015, at 11:15 a.m. The Rev. Dr. Dave Johnson led the meeting of the approximately 140 parishioners who remained after the Sunday service for the meeting. Senior Warden Jeff Hanson announced the vestry election with eleven candidates for four positions. He and Sandy Sandbach passed out written ballots, collected them after parishioners voted and retired to count the votes.

Our Rector, the Rev. Dr. Dave Johnson.

Senior Warden Jeff Hanson.

Fr. Johnson invited several committee chairs to talk about the current conditions and future plans for the church. Clinton Beeland gave the congregation an overview of the camellia garden project beside the rectory. Over the past 30 years from the time Mrs. Sarah Oliver owned the property that is between Louttit Hall and the rectory, the camellias have progressed from glorious to a jungle and back to glorious thanks to the work by the Camellia Society of Valdosta, the local Garden Clubs and members of Christ Church. There will be a dedication on January 29, 2015, with over 130 members of the international Camellia Society present. Clinton invited members of Christ Church to also attend this dedication ceremony.

Clinton Beeland speaking on the Camellia Garden. Click this image to see more photographs from this event.

Brad Burnette spoke about the memorial policy recently established and voted on by the vestry. It will be published on the website for all to view. He also spoke about future meetings of the Memorial Garden committee to improve what we have and plan for the future. Brad congratulated Junior Warden Frances Guice on the excellent job she did in the past year. Continue reading

Summary of the Vestry Meeting on December 16, 2014

Summary of the Vestry Meeting on December 16, 2014
By Phyllis Hiers
Posted January 11, 2015

The vestry’s general information webpage, including agendas, budget statements and minutes since January 2012, is available here. The information packet distributed for this meeting is available here.

Phyllis Hiers

Directed the junior warden to investigate possible solutions to the sound system deficiencies.

Outreach Committee reported: 150 scarves knitted by Stitchers of Love distributed on December 6 to the children Lunch Bunch serves; small toys to be given with lunch on December 20.

Passed a motion to distribute budgeted outreach funds of $500 each to Habitat for Humanity, The Haven, Second Harvest Food Bank of South Georgia, and LAMP.

Heard that roof repair is complete and new heating / air system almost completed.

Alarms to be used regularly on all buildings, a protective security procedure, required by most insurance companies.

Heard that loan on Gabard Education Building is paid off using the bequest of the Gabard Estate and some operating funds. The operating funds will be reimbursed by outstanding pledges and interest savings from paid-off loan.

Gabard Estate endowment funds of $56,000 to be invested with interest marked for choral music use.

Discussed buying a church van.

2015 proposed budget accepted with funds for an associate priest.


– – January 11 Annual Meeting after the 10 a.m. service to elect 4 new vestry members from a slate of 11.

– – January 12-18 Fr. Johnson attends Trinity in Pittsburg for a continuing ed course.

– – May 23-25 Parish retreat at Honey Creek.

– – June 15-22 Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic; Fr. Johnson joining team.

2017 Vestry Nominees

2017 Vestry Nominees

Vestry Nominees were asked to submit a photograph and answer the following questions.

1. How long have you been attending Christ Church?
2. In what ways have you been involved at Christ Church?
3. Why would you like to serve on the Vestry of Christ Church?

The answers to these questions along with a photograph of the Nominee can be found here.

Vestry Elections will be held on January 11, 2015 during the Annual Parish meeting to be held immediately following the 10:00 a.m. worship service.

Summary of the Vestry Meeting on November 25, 2014

Summary of the Vestry Meeting on November 25, 2014
By Phyllis Hiers
Posted December 13, 2014

The vestry’s general information webpage, including agendas, budget statements and minutes since January 2012, is available here.

Phyllis Hiers

Approved Coombs AC bid to replace window units in parish hall and sanctuary annex with more efficient, noiseless central heating/air units.

Approved Azalea City Roofing bid to remove and replace roof flashing over north porch of parish hall.

Discussed paying off Gabard Building loan — will do so after Finance Committee checks figures and agrees it is feasible. Capital Fund pledges of $20,000 for the education building are still to come in.

Approved new Memorial Garden policies.

Tomberlin House netted income of $3600 for Christ Church August-October.

Upcoming activities:

Dec. 12 — 5 p.m. Rectory Open House.

Dec. 19 — 6 p.m. Caroling and Dessert Party at Stevenson’s home. Bring a dessert.

Dec. 20 — 10 a.m. Children’s party.

Dec. 21 — Christmas pageant at 10 a.m. service (not at Epiphany).

Dec. 21 — 6 p.m. Christmas Lessons and Carols (instead of vespers).

Dec. 23 — 6:30 p.m. Happy Episcopal People (HEP) Party at Sandbach’s home. Bring an appetizer or dessert.

Dec. 24 — 5:30 p.m. Children’s service with bells and candles.

Dec. 24 — 11 p.m. service.

Dec. 25 — 10 a.m. service.

Jan. 11 — Christ Church Annual Meeting and vestry election.

Jan. 23-24 — Vestry Retreat to plan 2015 goals.

Summary of the Vestry Meeting on September 16, 2014

Summary of the Vestry Meeting on September 16, 2014
by Phyllis Hiers
Posted September 25, 2014

The information packet for this meeting (includes agenda, budget statement and minutes of previous meeting) is available here. The vestry’s general information webpage, including agendas, budget statements and minutes since January 2012, is available here.

Phyllis Hiers

Karen Gunter announced recycling/composting efforts will start on Wednesday evenings.

Junior Warden is exploring quieter air conditioning for annex.

Children’s chapel for preschoolers meets weekly with Fr. Dave playing the guitar, songs, story and prayer.

Revised by-laws adopted.

Seed money from the estate of Eloise Smith will spark the setup of a Christ Church Endowment Fund.

In follow-up to the August 24, Sunday School meeting and discussion about the Memorial Garden, a committee will be set up and charged to investigate and/or prepare:
1) immediate needs for drainage and plantings
2) a master plan for future space, privacy wall, entrance, memorial plaques
3) gifts policy
4) burial information sheet for families

Sandy Sandbach encouraged parishioners who have not worked at preparing sandwiches for Lunch Bunch to sign up for a 1st or 3rd Saturday at 11 a.m.

Blankets and socks will be collected for the Partnership to End Homelessness

Wade Coleman presented the treasurer with a check from Lou Gabard’s estate to complete her pledge for the Gabard Education Building.

Upcoming Events:
October 6 Blessing of the Animals
October 8-9 Fr. Dave will be out of town
October 11 Bishop’s Burger Bash at St. Anne’s Tifton
October 18 Bishop Benhase meets with area clergy at Christ Church
October 19 Bishop Benhase to install Fr. Dave as rector of Christ Church—only 10 a.m. Service on this Sunday
October 20-24 Fr. Dave at Honey Creek to attend a workshop
October 26 Stewardship Committee holds a Q and A session about the budget during the Sunday School hour
November 3 Parish Stewardship Dinner held at Mathis Auditorium

Summary of the Vestry Meeting on August 19, 2014

Summary of the Vestry Meeting on August 19, 2014
by Phyllis Hiers
Posted August 22, 2014

The information packet for this meeting (includes agenda, budget statement and minutes of previous meeting) is available here. The vestry’s general information webpage, including agendas, budget statements and minutes since January 2012, is available here.

Phyllis Hiers

Campus Ministry has 25-30 students meeting. Thursday: supper and Bible study. Monday: Cafe Grace. Louttit Hall open Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. for study.

Stefani Carroll joins Christ Church staff as paid part-time Children’s Ministry Director.

Fr. Johnson thanked Bonnie Hanson for her outstanding service as treasurer. CPA Amber Tanner will be new treasurer.

Window blinds needed for Louttit Hall.

Christ Church by-laws revised again and will be posted online at the church website and on Facebook and also on parish hall bulletin board. Vestry to vote on adoption of them next month.

Stewardship Dinner set for Monday, November 3, at Mathis Auditorium with Fr. Johnson as speaker.

Ministries Fair set for September 28th.

Memorial Garden meeting to discuss possible changes scheduled Sunday, August 24th at noon. Ron Zaccari to present sculpture idea.

Preschool has full enrollment for all classes. Fr. Johnson will provide a chapel service each week.